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Introducing GemPen - Validate Diamonds and Other Gemstones Instantly

GemPen is a brand new, portable instrument for validating gemstones.
Founded by industry professionals and utilizing top-tier technology, GemPen
enables professional users to:
  • Validate the identity of gemstones
  • Distinguish natural from synthetic
  • Identify treatment of gemstones
  • GemPen works for diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

GemPen® is a portable, battery-powered, tool for validating gemstones through screening.GemPen® takes advantage of UV-light and a unique combination of filters to provoke variable strengths of fluorescence in gemstones, a feature that provides professional users with the means to efficiently determine whether a
diamond, ruby or sapphire is natural, synthetic (man-made) or treated (visually improved to increase the value). GemPen® is durable and gives instant indicative results.

* Shows an instant fluorescence effect on fake or synthetic diamonds 


GemPen® Capabilities
• Enables professional users to validate the
identity of gemstones through screening
• Can distinguish natural from synthetic
• Can detect treatment of gemstone
• Works in the whole value chain
• Polished (all cuts) and rough gemstones
• Loose and mounted gemstones
• Works for melee (diamonds, rubies & sapphires)
• Validate melee in seconds.
• No size limit

View FAQ's About the GemPen Here (PDF) 


These are the main advantages of GemPen:

In the field 
GemPen is portable, reliable and battery operated.

From rough to mounted

Works on diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Both with rough and polished gemstones as well as with mounted and unmounted pieces.

With instant results

Easily interchangeable filters, instant optical validation and GemPen Academy accessible online and offline.


Here's an example below of GemPen used on a small parcel of melee diamonds. Out of the 49 melees, 14 are HPHT synthetics and emits a fluorescence effect. 

The melees are placed in the Travel Case that function as a portable darkroom and are then scanned with GemPen. Validation in your pocket.   Buy GemPen

Buy GemPen 

 View FAQ's About the GemPen Here

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