CZ Master Set Pro 2 Diamond Grading Case

£149.00 GBP Including VAT

PATENT PENDING LED illuminated grading and storage case features both perfectly balanced bright daylight and UV LED™s. It is powered by 3 included NiMH rechargeable AAA batteries and a micro-USB charging/power system. This is the ultimate case for storing your CZ’s or diamond master stones.  Now you can easily colour grade diamonds on-the-go, making this compact portable case ideal for both jewellers, gemologists and travelling appraisers.  The case holds up to ten 1.00ct size stones and has a built-in grading tray suitable for comparing 3-5 stones at a time.

Includes protective carrying pouch, micro-USB power cord, NiMH batteries and 100V-240V AC adapter. (Stones not included) 

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