Kern ORA 1GG Gemmology/Jewellery Refractometer

£229.00 GBP

Kern ORA 1GG Gemmology/Jewellery Refractometer Details

Need to measure the refractive index of jewellery? You need Kern's ORA 1GG.

This specially designed analogue refractometer is made for use in jewellery/gemmology studies and has a special refractive-index range designed specifically for this application.

Supplied as standard in a leather carrying bag.

Kern ORA 1GG Jewellery Refractometer Key Features

  • Refractive index measurement range from 1.30 to 1.81nD
  • Specially designed for use in the jewellery industry
  • Flipping lid for insertion of gem sample
  • High-quality eyepiece

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