Chelsea Filter Emerald Loupe

£49.00 GBP
Also known as an emerald loupe. The special ultraviolet filter is designed to detect real emeralds from imitations. It is used primarily to spot fakes mixed in with natural stones in coloured stone parcels and jewellery and to differentiate emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines and natural green jadeite from manufactured stones.

  • Size Length with lense open 85mm and closed 55mm
  • Width 30mm
  • Thickness 12mm
  • The diameter of filter 21mm
  • Material Plastic white
  • Weight 16grms
  • Includes instructions and guide notes
  • Pocket-sized colour filter

Some Familiar Reactions under the Chelsea Filter:
  • Synthetic Emerald (Cr) - Red
  • Blue Glass (Co) - Red
  • Synthetic Blue Spinel (Co) - Red
  • Synthetic Blue Quartz (Co) - Pink
  • Natural Aquamarine (Fe) - Green
  • Natural Zircon (Blue) - Green
  • Dyed Green Chalcedony - Red to Orange Red
  • Dyed Blue Chalcedony - Red to Pink
  • Natural Emerald (Cr/V/Fe) - Pink to Red / Green to Yellow Green
  • Dermatoid Garnet - Reddish
  • Blue Topaz - Blue Green

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