Gem-A Diffraction Spectroscope

£129.00 GBP
For pure transparent (non-opaque) stones. Each type of stone has its own spectrum colour diagnostic. Simular to the prism spectroscope but works by diffracting white light to give non-prismatic perspective.

Light enters through a narrow slit and is then diffracted by a thin film of diffraction grating material. This produces a linear spectrum image with a generally larger view of the red part than a prism spectroscope.

The spectroscope is a small and handy instrument that can be very quick to use.
It may be used to test transparent gem materials including rough and broken
pieces, fashioned pieces, strings of beads, gems set in jewellery, ornaments and carvings.
The spectrum of visible light, from red to violet can be viewed by observing
pure white light through a spectroscope.
Some gem materials modify this white light in a way which can aid identification.
  • Size length 55mm
  • The diameter of body 13mm
  • The diameter of lens 5mm
  • Finish stainless steel body.
  • Top & bottom black plastic viewers
  • Weight 14grms
  • With leather case

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