Gem-A Prism Spectroscope

by Dynagem
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Used to test less pure transparent (opaque) gem materials including rough and broken pieces, fashioned pieces, strings of beads, gems set in jewellery, ornaments and carvings.

Our prism spectroscope (unlike others available on the market) gives the observer the flexibility to adjust the focus to suit the user's eyesight, whilst extending the blue area of the spectrum for easier observation. This also allows those who wear glasses to more easily use the tool.

Prism spectroscope (based on dispersion) is a tool for examining which parts of white light are absorbed by a gemstone (as well as by other materials).

The light enters through a narrow slit and is then dispersed through a series of prisms. Because prism spectroscopes are based on dispersion, the blue area of the spectrum is more spread out and the red parts are more condensed than the diffraction grating types.

Materials can absorb parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and when the absorbed parts fall within the visible range that absorbed part will influence the colour of the material.

When a gemstone is observed with a Prism spectroscope, the absorbed parts show as dark lines and/or bands in the spectroscope image.

How does it work…?

Elements within a gemstone will absorb certain levels of energy. Light is energy. Therefore certain elements in a gemstone will absorb certain colours of light based on what energy level they are absorbing.
The Prism Spectroscope allows us to see which colour of light, or energy is being absorbed; thereby allowing us to know what elements are in a gemstone.
This, in turn, allows us to know more about the gemstone, for example...identification, where it came from, what causes it to have colour, etc....

When looking through a spectroscope you will see lines or bands missing from the colours. This is where elements within the stone have absorbed that level of energy or light, letting us know that the element exists within the stone.


  • Adjustable focus and slit.
  • Black shell to avoid reflective light disturbance.
  • Size: 85mm x 20mm
  • The diameter of lens top -7mm bottom - 10mm
  • Weight: 45g

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