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1200W High Power DC-DC Converter Boost Step-up Power Supply Module 20A IN 8-60V OUT 12-80V Adjustable

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Large heat sink design(116*52*15mm), great for use.
Support a wide input voltage 8-60V and 12-80V wide adjustable output voltage.
Constant voltage and constant current.
High power output, Max. 1200W.
With over current protection and short circuit protection.

1. DIY a power supply, input 12V can output 12-80V adjustable.
2. The power supply for your electronic device, according to your system, can adjust the output voltage.
3. As the vehicle power supply for your laptop, PDA or digital products.
4. DIY a laptop mobile power supply: 12V coupled with a large-capacity lithium battery.
5. Solar panel regulator.
6. For the battery, lithium battery charging.
7. Driving high-power LED lights. 

Input Voltage: 8-60V
Input Current: 20A
Quiescent Current: 15mA
Output Voltage: 12-80V Continuous Adjustable
Output Current: 20A MAX. over 15A, please enhance heat dissipation (input and output pressure related, the greater the pressure, the smaller the output current)
Constant Current Range: 0.5-20A
Output Power = Input Voltage  * 20A, e.g.
Input 12V * 20A =240W; Input 24V * 20A =480W;
Input 36V * 20A =720W; Input 48V * 20A =960W; Input 60V * 20A =1200W
Working Temperature: -40 to 85°C(ambient temperature is too high, please enhance heat dissipation)
Working Frequency: 150KHz
Conversion Efficiency: up to 95% (efficiency and input/output voltage, current, pressure related)
Installation: 4pcs 3mm Screws
Module Size: 130 * 52 * 46mm / 5.12 * 2 * 1.8in(L * W * H)
Module Weight: 257g / 9.07oz

1. The circuit structure of the booster module can not be adjusted by way of short circuit.
2. The product of input power supply voltage must be above 8V.
3. When the power supply is used for the input power supply, the input power and 
  the output voltage of the input power supply are the first to be unloaded. Then pick 
  up the load.(must ensure that the switching power supply has been working).
4. When the constant current mode is used to set the voltage, the constant voltage 
  must be higher than the input voltage.Do not use the way of short circuit output current,
  the circuit structure of the boost module can not be adjusted in short circuit way.
5. If the input voltage fluctuation range is lower than the set output voltage,
  then the output voltage is constant, it is to ensure that input is lower than the output voltage.

Package List:
1 * 1200W DC Converter Boost Power Supply Module