12V 0-10A DC Current Detection Module Current Sensing Detecting Delay Relay Control

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This module can detect DC current in the range of 0-10A, the accuracy is 0.01A.

Detecting range: DC 0~10A; accuracy: 0.01A(10mA).
Detect the current to control the relay then control the circuit on/off.
Set delay time to prevent output shock so as to protect the circuit.
With error calibration function.
Can turn off the LED display to reduce power consumption.

Functions Description:
P-1: Over-current Detection: when the detecting current<I1(low limit setting), the relay closes; >I2(high limit setting), the relay opens.
P-2: Under-current Detection: when the detecting current>I2, the relay closes; <I1, the relay opens.
P-3: Close in the Range: when the detecting current is between I1 and I2, the relay closes; relay opens in other situation.
P-4: Open in the Range: when the detecting current is between I1 and I2, the relay opens; relay closes in other situation.
P-5: Error Calibration and Delay Time Setting: the relay would not operate.

Buttons Description:
K1: Modes Selection;
K2: "+"
K3: "-"
Long press K1 for 2s into modes selection; short press K1 to select function and K2 to enter the mode.

After power on, the LED digits would pulse if the detecting current terminal is none.

Voltage: DC 12V
Detecting Range: DC 0~10A
Accuracy: 0.01A(10mA)
Standby Current: Approx. 20mA
Display: LED Digital Display
Item Size: 65 * 40 * 18mm
Package Weight: 29g / 1.04oz

Package List:
1 * DC Current Detection Module

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