300PCS Assorted Insulated Electrical Wire Crimp Terminals 18 Kinds Copper Crimp Cable Connector Kit Spade Butt Set

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Need to connect wires quickly without stripping and soldering? Try this insulated crimp terminals. It can help you connect cables and free from electric shocking danger and short circuit! Perfect for home or car wire connecting usage.

Easy and convenient to use for wire connecting usage.
Assorted 300 electrical wire terminals with transparent box for easy access.
Allow visual inspection, prevent corrosion and provid a waterproof seal.
Can be perfect used in marine and automobile applications.
Prevents corrosion for durable use.

Colors: RED + BLUE + Yellow
Material: PVC + Tinned Brass
Wire Size: 0.5-4.0mm² AWG 22-10
AWG Wire Range: 
Red Crimp Terminals: 22-16 Gauge AWG, 0.5-1.5mm²
Blue Crimp Terminals: 16-14 Gauge AWG, 1.5-2.5mm²
Yellow Crimp Terminals: 12-10 Gauge AWG, 4.0mm²
Quantity: 18 Kinds 300pcs
Types: Ring Terminals, Spade Terminals, Butt Connectors, Male and Female Quick Connects
360PCS Assorted Insulated Spade Cable Connectors Including:
Butt Connector * 30pcs (10pcs Red + 10pcs Blue + 10pcs Yellow)
Ring Connector #4 * 40pcs (25pcs Red + 15pcs Blue)
Ring Connector #8 * 45pcs (25pcs Red + 20pcs Blue)
Ring Connector #10 * 40pcs (25pcs Red + 10pcs Blue + 5pcs Yellow)
Spade(Fork) Connector #4 * 40pcs (20pcs Red + 20pcs Blue)
Spade(Fork) Connector #8 * 20pcs (20pcs Red)
Female Disconnects Connectors * 40pcs (20pcs Red + 20pcs Blue)
Male Disconnects Connectors * 40pcs (20pcs Red + 20pcs Blue)
Ring Connector 1/4" * 5pcs (5pcs Yellow)
Size of the Storage Box: 205 * 110 * 32mm / 8.07 * 4.33 * 1.26"
Package Weight: 240g / 8.48oz
Package Size: 20.5 * 11 * 3.2cm / 8.07 * 4.33 * 1.26in

Package List: 
300 * Assorted Electrical Wiring Connectors
1 * Storage Box

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