6V 12V 24V Digital Display LED DC Motor Speed Controller PWM Stepless Speed Control Switch

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This DC Motor Speed Regulator controls the speed of a DC motor by adjusting Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM). Large 0.56 inch 3-digit LED display numbers allow viewing under the most adverse conditions. 

Large 0.56 inch 3-digit LED display numbers for easier readings.
A PWM speed controller, enables you to control the speed of DC motors smoothly.
Wide range of working voltage: DC 6V-30V.
The rotary knob can realize 0-100% adjustment, and display 0-100 on the screen.
With case for better durability; high efficiency and low noise.
Suitable for applications like fans, etc. providing nice adjustment of motor speed.

1. This speed controller is applicable to DC motor; it can't be be connected with DC voltage(e.g. 220V AC).
2. The anode and the cathode of DC power cannot be connected reversely, otherwise the controller will be damaged.
3. When running direction is inconsistent with your desire, you can change it by adjusting the linear order.
4. Potentiometer knob can change the output duty cycle of controller and then change the motor speed.

Working Voltage: DC 6V-30V
Rated Current: 6A
Max. Current: 8A
Control Power: 6V*6A=36W, 12V*6A=72W,......30V*6A=180W
PWM Frequency: 16KHz 
Duty Cycle Adjustable: 0%-100%
Item Size: 79 * 42 * 24mm / 3.11 * 1.65 * 0.94in
Item Weight: 58g / 2.04oz

Package List:
1 * DC Motor Speed Controller

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