7.15ct Oval Cabochon Blue Moonstone Doublet 15x9mm

by Dynagem
£ 369.00 GBP Including VAT

Moonstone is a phenomenal variety of the orthoclase species that belongs to the wide group of feldspars. Moonstones are praised for their widely recognised phenomenon called adularescence which refers to the sheen created by the thin layers inside the stone that make the light scatter. Moonstones come in white, peach, green, brown and grey and the most valuable ones are near-transparent with a strong blue sheen. Moonstones are usually cut into cabochons, beads and sometimes faceted stones. Origin: The main sources for moonstones are: Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar. ;Stone Size (mm): 15.01x8.93mm;Carat Weight (ct): 7.15

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