(PC) Jewellery Wipes

£ 9.38 GBP Including VAT

Hagerty Jewellery Wipes - The quick way to keep jewellery clean & sparkling. For silver; gold; platinum; diamonds; sapphires; rubies and jewellery including fashion jewellery.;(PC) Personal Care Products: Are to have on your counter to sell on to the public.;Gives jewellery a new sparkle;100% scratch-free. Professional cleaning results;Handy dispenser with disposable dry wipes;No storage of stained cloths;Instructions for use;Take the first wipe from the centre of the roll. Gently rub jewellery with wipe to remove dirt and tarnish. Tarnish may appear on hands and fingers; simply wash with soap & water.;Contents: 25 wipes 7.6 x 12.7cm

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