(PC) Silver Care

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Hagerty silver care - Cleans and takes care of silver and silver-plated objects. It allows to maintain; to restore the lustre and to polish oxidized metals without scratching their surface. Sponge provided. The paste is very efficient. Its quick action makes it particularly efficient for the maintenance of silver and silver-plated objects which are used frequently for the service.;(PC) Personal Care Products: Are to have on your counter to sell on to the public.;Professional care in a personal way;The paste gives back brightness to the objects.;Multi use product for silver & silver plated items;It contains soaps and vegetable solvents;The paste has almost instant effects and does not cause any scratches or marks on the precious metal. The silver is cleaned and shiny again;Instructions for use;Dampen the sponge in warm water and apply Hagerty Silver Care to the silver;Clean silver thoroughly;Rinse in clear warm water;Buff with a soft dry cloth to obtain a brilliant longer lasting lustre;Contents: 185g

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