Ø10mm (Max) Tube Cutting Jig; Multiple Angles

£81.25 GBP

An enhanced version of a fantastic tool. Cut tubes and wires to perfect angles with a flush using the angled tube cutter.;90; 15; 30 & 45 degree cuts all possible;Gives flush cuts;Accurate tube/wire cutting vertically;Can hold up to Ø10mm wire/tubing;For the jeweller; silversmith; arts; craft; contemporary jeweller; model makers and light engineers;Easy tool for cutting tubing or rods;Made of precision steel with a contoured sturdy handle; also comes with a removable handle for mounting the jig in a bench vice;How to use;Hold the handle and move the extendible back plate to the desired tube length;Lock the hexagonal nut on the side so the back plate does not move;With your thumb push down on the tube/wire with the securing/holding handle;Put your piecing saw blade into the desired slit;You can now start saw piecing the tube/wire vertically; accurately and with a flush finish

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