Dual Pocket Hole Jig Kit

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Need A Woodworking Pocket Hole Jig Kit? You must try this one. It's a professional inclined hole jig tool set, applicable to the drilling of oblique holes. A Pocket Hole is an angled hole drilled into one board, which then allows you to drill a screw through to another board. Pocket Hole Jig with dual pocket 15° bit angle ,you can make perfect invisible joints.
Very fast and accurate hardware tool to drill the 15° angle holes, and bury the screws for screw stealth.
Mini size, one hand grasp, DIY carpentry tools & 2-ways oblique holes for accurate screw joints.
Convenient and easy for quick drilling inclined holes to hide the screws in wooden furniture.
Easy to Adjust - Easily change between pairs of 6/8/10mm drill bits drive adapter, used for any wood type, position and angle.
Product Usage - Use with clamps and drill bits (Not Included) to create or repair invisible wood joints.

Color: Blue
Material: Aluminum Alloy  
Type: Inclined Hole Drill Bit
DIY Supplies: Woodworking
Oblique Hole Size: 6/8/10mm
Application: Drill Oblique Holes, Create or Repair Invisible Wood Joints.
Required Assembly Tools: Clamp Pliers, Drill Bits, Cordless Screwdriver or An Electric Drill (Not Included)  
Item Size: 70 * 38 * 18mm / 2.8 * 1.5 * 0.7in
Item Weight: 183g / 6.5oz
Package Size: Approx. 11 * 8 * 2cm / 4.3 * 3.1 * 0.8in
Package Weight: 186g / 6.6oz

Package List:
1 * Pocket Hole Jig
2 * 6mm Drive Adapter
2 * 8mm Drive Adapter
2 * 10mm Drive Adapter

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