Greiner 38000 Timoknack Watch Holding Case Opener

$1,230.00 Including VAT
The most advanced and professional watch case snap on back opener on the market. The Greiner Timoknack can open all watch cases with push on/snap-on case backs. Its ergonomic & specialised design makes it great for any especially tough job or for continuous use in the busy workshop. The expert construction design attaches great importance to the opening of the case backs without damaging the case.

  • Rubber pad for the watch case to rest on
  • Half-round recesses for the crown
  • The case is then secured with 2 movable supporting jaws
  • Super controlled blade movement with an extended screw in motion
  • Spare blade for Greiner case back opener "Timoknack" 
  • Swiss made
  • Greiner 38000

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