Kaya Cast Casting Machine - Arbe USA

£ 1,495.00 GBP Including VAT
Arbe tabletop casting machines are the professional's choice for casting machines.

This jeweller's tabletop vacuum casting and investing machine is designed to be a simple, durable and reliable unit. Excellent for casting with perforated or solid wall casting flasks. This machine is easy to use and will provide many years of service.

  • Tabletop casting machine
  • Vacuum investment & casting machine 
  • Spring mounted investment table
  • "EZ" flow oil input
  • Double line vacuum hose for years of trouble-free use
  • Extra powerful vacuum (more powerful than others on the market)
  • Supplied with flask size adapter plates so can be used with a variety of flask sizes
  • Can be used with a solid wall or perforated wall flasks
  • Full range of accessories included
  • Replacement vacuum pump oil 

  • Investment (vacuum) plate size: 280 x 280mm
  • Bell Jar: Ø230 x 200mm (Diameter x Height)
  • Vacuum pump: 1/2 HP (horse power)
  • Vacuum draw: 3CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Maximum crucible size Ø120 x 180mm (diameter x height)
  • Machine dimensions: 60 x 28 x 35cm (width x depth x height)
  • 220 to 240 volt
  • CE marked
  • Made in USA 

Machine includes:
  • Flask adapter plate, Ø90mm
  • Flask adapter plate, Ø100mm
  • Flask adapter plate, Solid
  • Silicone gasket, Ø90mm
  • Silicone gasket, Ø100mm
  • Silicone gasket, solid
  • Perforated flask, Ø90 x 100mm
  • Sprue base
  • Rubber investing pad
  • Bell jar, Ø230 x 200mm
  • Tongs

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