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KKmoon 38pcs Mix Oscillating Saw Blade Kit Multi Tool for Dremel Fein Multimaster Makita Bosch Rockwell Sonicrafter Worx Multitool Accessory

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This professional and compatible cutting blade kit is designed for multifunction power tools with 38pcs Oscillating Multitool Accessory. High carbon steel oscillating saw blades are used for cutting wood, plastic and gypsum board. Bi-metal oscillating saw blades are used for cutting wood, plastic, gypsum board, small nails, thin iron and slight aluminum alloy. Triangle and finger polishing pads come with sand papers to grind the wood, iron products to make the object look nice and smooth. Alloy grinding sheets are used for cutting concrete. 

High quality and brand new multi tools blade with newest saw blade inner hole(all-purpose flower hole).
Great for cutting carpet, leather, linoleum, cardboard cutting or removing silicone, caulking & glue.
Also suitable for cutting wood, laminates, softer plastics, drywall (sheetrock) and plasterboard.
Provide great durability, long service life and fast cutting speed.
Great accessory for building industry, mining, highway construction and building bridges.
High hardness, great wear resistance and excellent impact resistance. 

Brand Name: KKmoon
Color: Multicolor
Material: High Carbon Steel, Bimetal, Alloy
Suitable Cutting Objects: Carpet, leather, linoleum, cardboard, wood, laminates, cement, drywall(sheetrock), hardwood, softwood and softer plastics, grout, thin set mortar, hardened adhesives, concrete surfaces, etc.
Usage: Requiring hook & loop sandpaper, Surface finishing work
Compatible with brands of oscillating multi-tools: for Fein, Multimaster, Dremel, Makita, Bosch, Rockwell, Sonicrafter, Worx 
Type: Saw Blade
Quantity: 38pcs
Item Weight: Approx. 406g / 14.32oz (38pcs Multitool Accessory)
Package Size: Approx. 17 * 13 * 4cm / 6.69 * 5.12 * 1.57in
Package Weight: Approx. 411g / 14.51oz

This product is not suitable for Bosch PMF model.

Package List:  
1 * 93x10mm HCS Oscillating Standard Saw Blade
1 * 93x20mm HCS Oscillating Standard Saw Blade
1 * 93x34mm HCS Oscillating Standard Saw Blade
1 * 93x34mm HCS Oscillating Precision Saw Blade
1 * 93x34mm Bi-metal Saw Blade
1 * 93x45mm HCS Oscillating Standard Saw Blade
1 * 93x65mm HCS Oscillating Standard Saw Blade
1 * 88mm HCS Oscillating Segmented Standard Saw Blade 
1 * 73x52mm SS Flush Cut Knife Edge Scraper
1 * 73x52mm SS Flat Knife Edge Scraper
1 * 64mm Flush Cut Semicircular Carbide Grinding Sheet
1 * 78mm Flush Cut Triangular Carbide Grinding Sheet
1 * 80mm SS EVA Triangular Polishing Pad
25 * 80mm Triangular Sanding Sheets (60#, 80#, 120#, 180#, 240# each 5 pcs)