SmartPro Optimum 1 Synthetic Diamond (CVD/HPHT) & Moissanite Screener

£1,300.00 GBP
Revolutionary handheld CVD/HPHT & Moissanite Screener that can be used on loose OR mounted stones (even if they are mounted on closed back settings.
Distinguishes natural diamonds from CVD/HPHY Synthetic Diamonds and Moissanite  Screens Colorless to Faint Color (D-M) Stones - 0.015ct up to 10ct
Capable of checking stones that are mounted or unmounted

The SMARTPRO Optimum 1 is a portable diamond/moissanite screener that can distinguish natural diamonds from Synthetic Diamonds (CVD/HPHT) and Moissanite using reflectivity.

Screens Colorless to Faint Colored Stones (D-M) ◆ Capable of screening stones as small as 0.015ct up to 10ct ◆ Set for right-handed or left-handed use ◆ No waiting time between tests ◆ Nearly instant results

The SMARTPRO Optimum-1 does not screen for CZ's, other stimulants and glass. It is always recommended to first test with a diamond or a diamond/moissanite tester, then you can use the Optimum 1 to screen for whether it is a natural diamond, synthetic diamond or moissanite.

The SMARTPRO Optimum-1 is powered by a 100-240V USB Adapter (included).

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