Screw In Bush Clock Bushing Tool

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AF Switzerland 17920.75;Complete tool with assortment of 75 bushing (B19469) Instructions For Use;Used for bushing clock main plates without dismantling the movement.;Tool comprises;(G) Frame and carriage - No. 17920G;(P) Pointer - No. 17920P;(F) Cutter - No. 17920F Ø4.50mm;(T) Tap - No. 17920T;(C) Bushing Key - No. 17920C;(PB) Bushing Holder - No. 17920PB;(M) Handle - No. 17920M;1. Loosen the carriage (G) so that it moves freely on the guide rails of the tool. Fit the tool to the edges of the clock main plate without clamping tightly. (Fig 1);2. Insert the pointer (P) in the brass guide hole (H) on the carriage and position the tip exactly over the wheel pivot by moving the carriage and the tool. (Fig 2);3. Fix the carriage by tightening the screw and firmly clamp the complete tool to the edges of the main plate.;4. Remove the pointer and lubricate the guide hole.;5. Fit the hollow cutter (F) to the wooden handle (M) and cut a circular hole around the pivot by pressing and turning the handle. (Fig 3);6. Remove the cutter and replace with the tap (T) and thread the hole. (Fig 4);7. Loosen the screws and remove the tool from the plate.;8. Push the wheel pivot up through the hole and select a suitable size bush by holding in the bush holder (PB). If the bush hole needs enlarging this can be done by reaming out while held in the holder. (Fig 5);9. Screw the bush into position with the key (C). (Fig 6);10. Lock in the plate by centre popping the plate close to one of the niches. (Fig 7)

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