Bangle & Bracelet Rotation Holder; Wooden

£ 10.88 GBP Including VAT

Bangle and Bracelet rotation wooden holder is lightweight and easily controllable.;Secure in a vice and unscrew the wing nut and remove the washer; take the wooden wheel from the handle; melts some shellac (S31924) on the wheel and secure the item to be polished.;Once the shellac has solidified around the bracelet or chain the user can tighten and;loosen the wing nut to turn the piece allowing a concentrated; safer and easier way of polishing. Simply apply low heat to melt the Shellac once finished polishing.;You can also use this tool to secure your stone setting with shellac so it is easier to work on.;Size: 240mm x 75mm x 40mm;Diameter of rotation disc holder 80mm;Weight: 190g

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