Jewellers Sievert Blow Torch Kit; 2m Hose

£149.88 GBP

All our kits are 100% Sievert & are fitted with a Sievert hose failure value for added safety. Be careful some kit suppliers have non Sievert regulators for cheapness which Sievert DO NOT offer or recommend”.;Pro 86 Sievert handle (Sievert 3486) - dynagem code B0100;Needle Point Burner (Sievert 8842.04) - dynagem code B41898;Needle Point Burner Neck Tube (Sievert 3501.01) - dynagem code B41897;Hose failure safety valve with a POL cylinder connection (Sievert 3054) - dynagem code B0094;4 or 2 metre Sievert brand hose (Sievert 7173-41) - dynagem code B0095/B0096;All components are supplied and approved by Sievert and meet the high Sievert standards; unlike other suppliers

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