Diamond Coated Reamer Set; with Handle - A*F Swiss

£ 27.13 GBP Including VAT

A*F Swiss;An extremely useful tool for working with beads. Used for enlarging and finishing holes. Set of diamond coated reamers stored in a handy aluminium handle with screw cap including one standard tapered reamer; one large tapered reamer for jumbo beads; one countersinks for finishing the edges of holes.;The handle is knurled with a removable rubber grip and pocket clip. The reamers are held in a quick release chuck.;Set of 3 diamond coated reamers;Small Reaming Point;Large Reaming Point;45 Degree Edging Point;Shank Ø3mm;Handle Ø16mm;For reaming stones and beads; always use water as a lubricant with diamond instruments.

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