Stretcher (Bangles) with 6 Round Formers

£1,237.50 GBP

O.M.O Italy;How to use and some handy tips when stretching…;The square base bottom has four holes giving you the option to bolt the Bangle Stretcher to the work surface (bolts not supplied; the diameter hole is 7mm). Naturally the dies are interchange for various sized bangles. When changing dies lower the handle completely or the die will not unscrew. When stretching a bangle ensure it sits in the middle of the die. When pushing the handle upwards to stretch; a small bar will protrude from the die known as the taper bar. This pushes out from the middle of the die which stretches the bangle evenly in six ways. Manoeuvre the handle back and forth approximately three or four times to stretch the bangle.;Please note;Gemstones set in bangles may loosen and fall out whilst stretching. Just like ring resizing; be mindful to limit stretching; the solder join is the weakest point of the bangle and can fracture with excessive stretching. Spray WD40 (C32757) to keep the stretcher lubricated. Use and store in a dry environment.

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