Press (Screw On Dies) Compact

£ 274.88 GBP Including VAT

Horotec 07.105;The Horotec compact press is equipped with a direct threaded broach. Supplied with an assortment of 9 reversible screw-on dies (07.106) used to close snap-on case backs. Compatible with all Horotec screw-on dies.;Screw on dies; 6mm thread;Anodised aluminium pillars for stability;Universal lower die for cases with large case horns or bezel claws (D45557);Swiss Made;Dies included;Ø17; 19/21; 22/25; 26/29; 30/33; 34/37; 38/41 & 42/45mm;Universal lower die Ø45mm (D45557)

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