Zeiss Loupe x6 + x3 (Ø22mm)

£164.00 GBP
Zeiss Loupes - High-Performance Optics

  • Zeiss loupes, known for their high performance, top quality optical product
  • The diameter of the lens has been specifically chosen for the power of the magnification
  • Aplanatic and achromatic lens
  • Zero distortion, reflection, shadows or discolouration
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Reinforced, lightweight polymer frame
  • Folding pocket loupes
  • Multi lens available 
  • Carl Zeiss vision
  • Made in Germany
  • Double lens
  • Has both x6 or x3, combine to make x9
  • Refractive power 36dpt (24 and 12 DPT each lens)
  • Zeiss D36

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