Graver Sharpener; Crocker Style

£ 42.38 GBP Including VAT

Engraving; stone setting and chasing certainly has its skill; as techniques and experience that you have learnt over time produces high quality workmanship.;A Crocker style Graver Sharpener is a traditional tool used for decades by some of the greatest crafts people.;Set your angle precisely with consistency while grinding and sharpening your hand engraver tools;It is easy to use; just simply place it in the angle holder sleeve. Rest the table base bar on your bench and moving left to right grind/sharpen your graver.;Choose from two angles to quickly achieve the accurate hone and sharp edge you need for professional engraving results.;Index adjustment for both angle and pitch. Use with sharpening stones of your choice.;Please note graver and sharpening stone not supplied

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