Seiko Beep Alarm 6.2mm (NEF) Shaft Movement

£ 19.00 GBP Including VAT

Seiko 33309; Supplied with hand setting knob; Supplied with on/off switch

  • Carriage clock with alarm Seiko quartz movement
  • Beep or bell type alarm
  • Non-Euro Fitting (NEF) hand shafts
  • Uses LR6 battery
  • Complete with Fittings
  • Can take minute hands up to 45mm long, weighing up to 2 grams
  • Can take centre seconds hands up to 45mm long, weighing up to 1 gram


  • 57 x 50 x 16mm
  • Shaft = From movement front to centre shaft tip

Non-Euro Fitting (NEF) Hand Collet Dimensions:

  • Minute: Ø1.90mm
  • Hour: Ø3.09mm
  • Alarm: Ø4.26mm

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