1st Stage Polishing Sisal Ø1½" x 1" Sisal

£7.63 GBP
For course cutting semi-bright finishing 
  • The Sisal dollymops are a made from natural material.
  • Sisal comes from a plant grown in the far east and South America
  • Speedy fast cutting beginning stage polishing mop.
  • Removing deep pit holes casting flash marks.
  • Every Sisal Dolly section is manufactured with averagely 5 layers of best quality material.
  • Every section is separated by a layer of calico cotton.
  • You will not find alternative materials used to fill these mops.
  • Chemical treated for hardest and compound retention (lasts longer).
  • Sisal Dollymops are used on non-precious metals.
  • Some popular metals sisals can be used on are brass, copper, cast iron, steel, and pewter.

Sizes :

  • 4mm Bore
  • Material thickness .34mm
  • Sisal layers size 2.25mm
  • Six stitches per 1" inch


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