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Swansdown Mops 8" x 1½" 66 fold

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£44.00 GBP
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The Swansdown mops are resilient when in use. Swansdown is ideal for large quantities of work with economical spending. Used with the right bar of compounds you can get a high standard mirror finish.

  • Swansdown is similar to both Felpato and 'S' quality
  • 100% pure cotton for final finishing
  • This mop has a medium cloth weave
  • Swansdown is a final finishing mop
  • Mill treated, hard 100% pure cotton
  • Enhances a fine mirror finish without loss of head retention
  • Leather and fibril centres
  • One of the most popular finishing mops in the polishing industry
  • A fine grade of loose fold mop
  • Also known in the trade as a mirroring quality mop
  • An ideal mop get the expert finishing mirror shine on your work
  • Manufactured in Great Britain
  • Material thickness .32mm (per fold)
  • Centre bore size 9mm

Dimension: Outside Ø x Width x Folds (44 folds per inch face).