Swansdown Mops 8" x 1½" 66 fold

$57.00 Including VAT
The Swansdown mops are resilient when in use. Swansdown is ideal for large quantities of work with economical spending. Used with the right bar of compounds you can get a high standard mirror finish.

  • Swansdown is similar to both Felpato and 'S' quality
  • 100% pure cotton for final finishing
  • This mop has a medium cloth weave
  • Swansdown is a final finishing mop
  • Mill treated, hard 100% pure cotton
  • Enhances a fine mirror finish without loss of head retention
  • Leather and fibril centres
  • One of the most popular finishing mops in the polishing industry
  • A fine grade of loose fold mop
  • Also known in the trade as a mirroring quality mop
  • An ideal mop get the expert finishing mirror shine on your work
  • Manufactured in Great Britain
  • Material thickness .32mm (per fold)
  • Centre bore size 9mm

Dimension: Outside Ø x Width x Folds (44 folds per inch face).

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