(PC) Silver & Multimetal Foam

£ 8.13 GBP Including VAT

Hagerty silver multimetal foam- cleans and takes care of silver; silver-plated; pewter and steel objects. It allows to maintain; to restore and to polish oxidized metals without scratching the surface.;Silver and Multimetal Foam makes tarnished silver; silver-plated; pewter and steel objects shine. It maintains in depth tarnished silver and the other metals. The foaming paste protects from oxidation for several weeks and removes dirt from silvery.;(PC) Personal Care Products: Are to have on your counter to sell on to the public.;Professional care in a personal way;The paste gives back brightness to the objects.;Multi use product for silver & silver plated items;It contains soaps and vegetable solvents;The paste has almost instant effects and does not cause any scratches or marks on the precious metal. The silver is cleaned and shiny again;Instructions for use;Dampen the sponge in warm water and apply Hagerty Silver Care to the silver;Clean silver thoroughly;Rinse in clear warm water;Contents: 185g

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