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Elma 1035171 Cyclomotion Watch Winders - 24 Watches

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Watch winders for service workshops, watchmakers and manufacturers Watch winders are used both for the manufacturing and for the servicing and maintenance of automatic watches. The units simulate the wearing of the watch on the wrist and test and carry out the winding of the watch. 

The new Elma Cyclomotion boasts a number of new features. The unit is not only capable of winding very large and heavy watches, but can also change the sense of rotation. By means of a specialized clip, mechanical watch works that need to be winded in one direction only can be tested. On a unit which is equipped with the right combination of clips, watch works that wind up in one or both directions can be wound simultaneously. Depending on the set speed (1 or 4 rpm), both permanent tests or quick windings are an option.

The Cyclomotion is controlled via soft-touch keys on the front.

The high-quality standard shows not only through the casing, the simple handling, the stability and the innovative plastic-coated clips but also through the virtually silent yet powerful motor which has an integrated safety clutch and so efficiently protects both units and watches in case of an unintended reaching inside.

A special feature is the optional "Protector" cover. It can be closed to protect the watches against dust and mechanical damage. The cover is opened via two-quarter shells actuated synchronously in damping springs.