Scriber Set

£ 9.88 GBP Including VAT

Double Ended;Supplied in plastic wallet;Length 180mm;Used for all types of metals including gold and silver;Made to precision these tools come with hardened steel tips;All scribers consist of two sharp ground hardened steel points to retain their marking / scoring edge;Scriber 1: double ended scriber has a knurled centre body to provide a positive grip. One point is set at a right angle 90° increasing flexibility for marking and scoring;Scriber 2: double ended scriber has a whole knurled body to provide a grip like holding a pencil. One point is set at right angle 90° increasing;flexibility for marking and scoring;Scriber 3: one dual use scriber has a knife edge at one end and is pointed at the opposite end. The knife edge is ideal for scoring wood; plastics and;laminates

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