10 Piece; Wooden Case; Bergeon; Stainless Steel

£262.50 GBP

Bergeon 30081.A10 - Wooden Case;10 Screwdrivers;Shank of anodized aluminium;Handle of TPE elastomer coat;Head of self-lubricating; synthetic POM (Derlin) material;2 piece per size spare blade;The new Bergeon "Swiss Made" screwdriver range of tools combine technical quality with comfort of use.;Blades of hardened stainless steel;Wooden case;Coloured slots for spare blades; 1 piece each size provided;Sizes: Ø 0.50; 0.60; 0.80; 1.00; 1.20; 1.40; 1.60; 2.00; 2.50mm & 3.00mm

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