Yehuda Sherlock Holmes 2.0 CVD & HPHT Diamond Tester

£6,495.00 GBP


The ultimate Sherlock Holmes 2.0 Detector does it all! Sherlock Holmes is designed to separate all sizes of loose and mounted natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds in the D-K colour range. It also separates loose CZ, moissanite, synthetic diamond coated CZ and moissanite. PATENT PENDING.

The Sherlock Holmes 2.0 was independently tested in the ASSURE TEST, in accordance with the Diamond Verification Standard in Underwriters Laboratories (UL), with the test protocols for instruments that separate diamonds from synthetic diamonds. ASSURE ID: 5169974


The amazing Sherlock Holmes repeatedly detected 100% of all lab-grown diamonds being examined.

Click on this link to read the full PROJECT ASSURE report performed by UL Laboratories and see for yourself why the SHERLOCK HOLMES is the best protection you can get for your company and its reputation.

  1. There is no need to touch each stone with a probe.
  2. Identifies both mounted and unmounted diamonds in bulk.
  3. Instantly detects CVD lab-grown diamonds.
  4. Instantly detects HPHT lab-grown diamonds.
  5. It even correctly identifies natural diamonds that have been colour-enhanced through the HPHT process as natural diamonds.


New SHERLOCK HOLMES 2.0 Features:

  1. Detection of CZ and Moissanite in loose stones.
  2. The 2.0 is 1.25 inch taller.
  3. You can now rotate the ring holder from the outside without the need to open the drawer.
  4. You can manually set the focus so that you no longer need to cover the bottom lamp.
  5. The phone (provided) is connected via cable, so no more disconnection frustrations.
  6. The new phone gives you a slightly larger screen.
  7. 2.0 can export your results via email or Bluetooth and store to G-drive!

Weight: 5 pounds

Dimensions: 13″x7″x8″

Download the Yehuda Sherlock Holmes manual here!

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